How I built and tested a C++ application on three different platforms.

Whether you work with C, C++, Java, Python, or insert language of choice here, one thing is for certain: building and testing your project for multiple platforms is hard. Regardless of what language you use, every platform comes with nuances that to various degrees can require changes to the code we write, the build systems we implement, or both. Before you can even contemplate these issues, you need to have access to all of your target platforms in the first place!

Unfortunately for me, I had to deal…

The process scheduler overview

Imagine walking into Starbucks one day to get your regular order of a Bagel and Coffee to go. However, when you show up there is no line, a barrage of customers walking up to the cashier and telling them their order, and an absolute mess in the kitchen with tons of orders being attempted to be made. That would be a nightmare. Thankfully, when you show up to Starbucks to place an actual order this is not the case. Instead, they have a line of customers that approach the cashier when they’re ready. This type of system has a name…

Cleaning up and simplifying your sockets in using routes and controllers

Physical network sockets

For those of you that thought that this was going to be about cleaning physical sockets for plugging things into, I’m sorry to inform you that this is not the case. Instead, I’m going to tell you about how I cleaned up sockets that I wrote with, a very popular library for developing real-time socket connections between client and server machines. Before we venture in to explore what I’ve done, let’s take a look at the way routes are generally written with express, another popular framework used for writing powerful http servers.

Routes & Controllers

If you’re a web developer, you’re probably…

What HTTP/2 is and means to the future of the World Wide Web.

To have accessed this blog post, you first sent a request to medium which then responded initiating the cycle of sending multiple requests back and forth to deliver the content needed for Medium to work.

Make Dash MVP

The steps me and Severiano Badajoz took to create our product, Make Dash.


When we think of products, we may think of these highly polished, fully functional, and completely finished items that can be bought and used by people. But as we’ve rolled into the era of information that type of product has rolled out. Products have evolved from being these fully completed projects into smaller components that are able to work regardless of the project being in a “finished” stage or not. This type of methodology is known as agile development. Agile development specializes in transforming the development of…

Regardless of if you’re a programmer, you’ve almost surely encountered a Database either directly or indirectly. As a matter of fact, if you’re a user on Medium, you’ve interacted with one by simply signing up! But what exactly are they? Semantically, a Database is a “Structured set of information held within a computer” but that doesn’t really help much. Let’s break it down by taking a non-technical approach to explaining it.

File cabinets and documents

During the time of which computers did not exist and Dinosaurs had still roamed the earth, people used file cabinets to store information that they would need for later…

Software Product Development.

Open source software

As a programmer and someone that simply uses their computer frequently, I interact with software a lot. Whether it be for programming, productivity, entertainment, or other purposes. Most applications share one thing in common: They’re powered by Open Source Software. But, why am I interested in it?

Open Source Software is a rapidly growing market and the heart of modern day software development. Over the course of the last 20 years, Open source software has seen only major growth due to the rapid expansion and improvement of the internet. As a matter of fact, you’ve indirectly used…

Vincenzo Marcella

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